Push and pull factors

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Human migration

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What are Push and Pull Factors?

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A. Push and Pull factors of Immigration: Everett S. Lee Theory of Migration Dr. Everett S.

Push and Pull Factors

Lee (), a scholar and migration theorist, produced his Theory of Migration in His theory included the Push and Pull factors of migration which are used to determine the decision making process of migration. Push and pull factors of migration are driven by the push of conflict, extreme hardship, war, lack of economic opportunities, etc.

combined with the pull of more jobs, the promise of a better life, freedom to practice one’s religion, etc. Pull factors. Pull factors refer to the factors which attract people to move to a certain area. Examples of pull factors include: Availability of better job opportunities.

pull factor

People seeking employment leave their homes to the places that they can access better opportunities. Religious freedom.

Push factors encourage people to leave their points of origin and settle elsewhere, while pull factors attract migrants to new areas.

For example, high unemployment is a common push factor, while an abundance of jobs is an effective pull factor.

What are Push and Pull Factors?

Push Factors. Economic push factors tend to be the exact reversal of the pull factors: Overpopulation ; Few jobs; Low wages; This lack of economic opportunity tends to push people to look for their futures.

Push and Pull Factors Push and pull factors
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