How to write a memoir about someone else

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Writing a Book-Time, It’s Not On Our Side

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How to Write a Memoir about Someone Else

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While writing someone else's life can be a challenge, it is not impossible, and with celebrities like Sarah Palin and Keith Richards jumping aboard the memoir bandwagon along with everyday people who just want to record their personal history, you are bound to find someone else's memoirs to write.

Aug 21,  · Other writers tell me a sense of detachment will come eventually, that it will feel like someone else in the story, but I’m not there yet. I still feel the confusion and pain of slowly losing my daughter to drugs, the horror of looking down at her in a hospital bed, her IV a tenuous lifeline.

Online Course: Writing the Memoir Ahead of her workshop on 16 Rules of Writing Memoir, Sarah Vincent writes about how to manage bitterness, anger and hurt in memoir writing. Always remember that people read memoir to gain an understanding of how someone else has faced challenges and what they have learned from them.

How to Write a Memoir: 13 Steps You CAN’T Skip if You Want Success

The Ghost of My Father has received some of the best reviews of all six of my books. I’m grateful to all of my kickstarter backers for supporting this ambitious project about family, memory and making sense of myself.

Recently I did a live Q&A about How To Write A was a reward for the book’s backers. This post is a summary of the advice I shared. Here is some shocking news: When writing memoir about someone else, your topic is not the person.

Your topic is a large, universal theme that will make others want to read about that other person in the context of that theme in your piece or in the book you write.

Aug 17,  · Writing someone else's memoir Discussion in ' General Writing ' started by erik martin, Aug 16, I was approached by an older relative who expressed interest in .

How to write a memoir about someone else
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How to Write a Memoir: 13 Steps You CAN'T Skip if You Want Success