Drug culture and the impressionable youth

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Teenage addicts learning from popular youth culture

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Teenage addicts learning from popular youth culture

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youth and drug culture Drug use among young people has become a normal part of dance and youth culture, according to a new report. A study carried out by Edinburgh University and drugs agency Crew in the city found more than half of young people surveyed mix drugs and alcohol and a quarter sometimes drive under the influence of drugs.5/5(1).

Festivals, Drugs and the Impressionable Youth

Drug Culture and the Impressionable Youth Rock and roll music and rap are the two most listened to genres by teens of the ages nine to twenty- five. Both genres are linked to the drug culture quite often through older music and music today. Drugs trap users when the drug “experimenter” gains a high from a small amount and then returns to a near-normal mood.

With repeated use, more of the drug is needed, the highs may be a little better, and there is a sense that the chemical can be controlled. For some, one time or infrequent use of alcohol or drugs can result in tragedy: alcohol overdose (alcohol poisoning), an accident or fall when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or an arrest associated with alcohol or drugs that may cost you your reputation and/or your freedom.

Affiliation with a drug culture is a source of client identity; the client's place in the drug culture can be important to his or her self-esteem. After the assessment and engagement stage, the provider's attitude toward the client's participation in a drug culture will be significantly different from his or her attitude toward the client's other cultural affiliations.

Drug culture and the impressionable youth
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