Asset bubbles comparing japan

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This article is comparing oranges to bananas. Cars today should be more expensive today just from an engineering standard. Modern cars have air bags, emissions systems, mileage standards, etc. that did not exist 50 years ago. The price-to-earnings ratio is a widely used -- and misused -- investing metric.

Do you use it correctly? China and the CNY are key for the global cycle. If USD/CNY continues higher, it may worsen the global slowdown already predicted by our models. Both Japan's "lost decade" and the current global debacle stem from a combination of excess savings and the deflation of immense asset bubbles.

Japan's troubles began in the mids, when the baby-boom generation entered late middle age, the stage in life when people everywhere save a high. Japan's Real Estate and Stock Market Bubble: In the present era, asset bubbles are sometimes fuelled by overly stimulative monetary policy. The Japanese bubble was a classic example.

As with all types of economic bubbles, disagreement exists over whether or not a real estate bubble can be identified or predicted, then perhaps prevented.

Speculative bubbles are persistent, systematic and increasing deviations of actual prices from their fundamental values. Bubbles can often be hard to identify, even after the fact, due to .

Asset bubbles comparing japan
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